Jam usually costs $9 per jar, but for a case of 12 jars the discounted price is $90 (at $7,50 per jar), plus $20 Shipping+Handling for a total of $110.  For a case of 9 jars, I am now offering out a partially-discounted partial-case price of $72 (at $8 each), plus $20 Shipping+Handling for a total of $92.

I prefer payment by check, payable to: Daniel Perry (or Jam According to Daniel), mailed to:

1626 St. Annes Rd, Charlottesville VA 22901.

I’m also now set up for credit card transactions via square using the following links:

Mixed case of JAM on Square Market
Nine jars of JAM on Square Market

Shipping/handling is a flat rate of $20 for any option, to simplify things and to encourage you to buy a whole case.

Email me at accordingtodaniel AT gmail.com to place an order, ask a question, or suggest a flavor.

Available jam flavors are listed on the main page, and are constantly changing.