Dear Daniel,

My partner and I love your jam. It’s the best jam ever. If George Washington had known about it, he would have named it the national preserved food. The Grateful Dead likely invented a time machine to the future, tried your jam and in a drugged haze decided as a tribute to make the first jam band.

That being said, is there any more jam to be bought before you begin again next summer? It would be a dark and cold winter indeed without any Jam According to Daniel.



I had the good fortune to be next to Curtis the dahlia expert at the Farmers Market one week, and we unknowingly laid a trap for an unsuspecting patron. A very sweet woman in her mid-30s came up to my stand and tasted my Santa Rosa Plum Jam. She stood very still for a moment after tasting it and then began to tell me about her idyllic days in Santa Rosa, in her younger days, picking plums in an orchard within sight of the sea. With my encouragement, she continued to eat my jam sample and continued likewise with her recantation of the past, descending into vague, emotionally loaded generalizations and finally silence. After standing silent and still, again, with a faraway look in her eyes, she asked me for a jar of Santa Rosa Plum Jam. I handed her the jar; as she turned away she appeared to be sniffing back tears.

She walked all of five feet, to Curtis’s disply of impeccable dahlias, and stopped suddenly. I turned away to greet another customer who had come into my tent to taste my wares. When I glanced over to Curtis’s table a moment later, she was crying on his shoulder and he looked very confused. After she’d collected herself, He sold her a dahlia and she walked off, obviously shaken by her recent experience. He came over to my tent and said she’d started telling him about the dahlias that grew in Santa Rosa, and then she’d started sobbing. We shook our heads and shrugged but couldn’t linger on it; we had work to do. Later, I marveled at this quality of our products: the magical, psychological, even chemical emotive abilities of these simple beautiful objects. Occasionally, I become so familiar as to lose sight of this;  the reactions of my family, friends, and everyone else who tastes my jam remind me why I make it.

After that long-winded preface, you should understand the reason for this page. Let me know how you feel about my jam! Send in your reactions to the first (or second, third, and fourth) taste of JAM according to Daniel to me, Daniel, at accordingtodaniel@gmail.com. Does it remind you of the jam that an elderly female relative used to make? Does it remind you of a long lost part of your life? Does it remind you of what jam is supposed to taste like? I look forward to hearing from you all.


dear Daniel,

i LOVE your jam!  the Everything Jam reminds me of my mother’s crabapple jelly from childhood.

i can’t wait for you to be approved to sell to Feast!  i know we will sell lots. let me know if i can help you get there.

with highest regards,

Kate Collier
owner Feast!



“I don’t want to try your other flavors because I’m afraid I’ll get addicted.” -Iris Wu (6/2/09)


“strawberry thai basil jam: life changing ♥ ♥ ♥

“your strawberries seem to have been sourced from children’s books- they are archetypal perfection. the combination of strawberries+thai basil is unexpectedly thought provoking and delicious. thanks so much for sending some. now i understand.”

– Hannah Hamad (6/4/09)


“local fruits in a jar”

Local jam maker Daniel Perry…makes sublime jams from local fruits.  His jams are available through Feast and at the City Farmers’ Market.

We recently offered Daniel the opportunity to offer his ever evolving jams through our CSA membership.

Contact him directly if you are interested in receiving jars of the best jam you’ve ever tasted.

-Megan Weary (6/2/09)


Jam does make everything better…it’s like a little jar of happiness.” -Michelle Amt (4/7/10)