Current flavors:

Strawberry Rhubarb

Strawberry & Apricot

Red Raspberry & Apricot

Black Raspberry & Apricot

Sweet Cherry & Apricot

Tart Cherry & Apricot

Damson Plum Jam

Blueberry & Lemon

Coming back soon (later this week):

Strawberry & Lavender

Blackberry & Apricot

Plum & Lime

Plum & Ginger

Yellow Peach & Red Raspberry

Peach Blackberry & Lemon


Other flavors, that’ll come into season again eventually, so stay tuned… but you can’t order most of these right now.

strawberry + rhubarb:  classic. bright and tangy, the strawberry sweetness is offset by the sourness of the rhubarb.
red raspberry + rhubarb: the red raspberry flavor dominates, and the rhubarb hides the raspberry seeds.
black raspberry + rhubarb: black raspberries have a mellower tang than red ones, and they linger on the palate for longer.
blackberry + rhubarb: the rhubarb leads with sourness, the blackberry finishes with sweetness.
sweet cherry + rhubarb: cherry has a deeper sweetness than strawberry, with the tangy rhubarb filling in the texture.
sweet cherry jam: sweet, almost cloying, runny, and full of whole cherries. the pits add an almond aroma that helps balance the sweetness. it’s my maternal grandmother’s (Omi’s) favorite.
yellow peach + lavender: peach flavor starts sweet, but the lavender helps cap off the sweetness of the fruit before it becomes cloying.
yellow peach + red raspberry: the familiar red raspberry flavor, with chunks of peaches to spread out the seeds (sweeter than raspberry + rhubarb).
peach blackberry + lemon: peach hits the palate first like a light, sweet rain; like the thundercloud, blackberry rolls in with familiar swagger; lemon zest is the lightning bolt, cutting through the sweetness for a tangy finish.
damson plum jam: the coveted preserving plum, resembling a black olive, with a well rounded flavor and a deep tannic tangyness. not to be missed.
plum jam (with shiro and santa rosa plums; aka “double plum“): brighter and more sour on the front of the palate, compared to the damson plum.
plum + blackberry: that great plummy sourness, balancing the familiar deep sweetness of the blackberries.
plum + ginger: sour (see above) initially, giving way to the emergent heat of ginger. warming for cold mornings.
plum + lime: the sourness of the plum is actually tempered by the addition of lime zest, as the two familiar sour flavors wrestle for dominance on your palate.
blueberry: deep blueberry sweetness; dark, tannic, and familiar.
blueberry + lemon: deep and dark, with the zing of lemon zest to bring the blueberry back some of its fresh flavor.
blueberry + holy basil: the familiar blueberry sweetness is offset by the holy basil (aka tulsi), which gives the jam a finish of citrus & clove.

pear + ginger: oh so seasonally appropriate. the pear is sweet, with the faint scent of green apple, and the bright, warm rush of ginger.

kiwi rhubarb and lime (with virginia-grown kiwis from my parents’ backyard!!)

rhubarb + lime
rhubarb + ginger
raspberry + rhubarb
raspberry rhubarb + ginger
strawberry rhubarb + ginger
cherry rhubarb + lime
peach + strawberry
yellow peach
red raspberry
Strawberry + Thai Basil
Strawberry, Lime + Caraway
Strawberry Lime
Strawberry JAM
Strawberry Lavender
strawberry + chocolate mint
strawberry + rosemary
Rhubarb Ginger
Rhubarb Lime
rhubarb mint
sweet cherry
sweet cherry + rhubarb
sweet cherry + lemon
sweet cherry + chocolate mint
sweet cherry + lime
sweet cherry + ginger
sweet cherry + lavender
Strawberry Peach
Sour Cherry
sour cherry + apricot
sour cherry + rhubarb
blueberry + lemon
blueberry + lime
blueberry + rhubarb
Apricot + lemon
apricot + lime
apricot + blueberry
apricot + blackberry
strawberry apricot
apricot + red raspberry
apricot + black raspberry
Raspberry Mint
White Peach
Peach + Lemon
Yellow Peach + Lime
Yellow Peach + Ginger
Yellow Peach + Lavender
Yellow Peach + Rosemary
White Peach + Hibiscus
Yellow Peach + Cherry
peach cherry + lavender
Cherry, Peach + Ginger
Peach & Rose
Indian Blood Peach Jam
Presidential Peach Jam
yellow peach, blackberry + lemon
White Nectarine
Yellow Nectarine
Nectarine + Cherry
Lemon Blackberry
Lime Blackberry
Seedless Blackberry
Santa Rosa Plum
Santa Rosa Plum + Lime
Santa Rosa Plum + Ginger
Shiro Plum
Shiro Plum + Lime
Shiro Plum + Ginger
Greengage Plum
Greengage Plum + Lime
Greengage Plum + Ginger
Damson + Peach
Damson + Italian Plum
Italian Plum
Italian Plum + Lime
Italian Plum + Ginger
Italian Plum + Lavender
Italian Plum + Rhubarb
Italian Plum + Rose
fig + lemon
fig + lime
fig + ginger
Pear + Hibiscus
Pear + Ginger
Pear + Rosemary