strawberries in afton

i just returned from picking berries in afton, just over the nelson county line, and i am overjoyed. the berries are plentiful, ripe, and sweet. i went out yesterday on a scouting mission to see if the picking today would be any good, and it was so good that i picked 35 pounds in an hour. i returned today, with the help of my good friends michael and lina, and we picked 110 pounds in 90 minutes.

needless to say, i have plenty of jam to make this week. i am waiting patiently for cherries, though, and can’t quite keep them out of my mind. after cherries it will be a whirlwind on through the berries and into stone fruits, but in the midst of the strawberry blizzard, with not a cherry in sight, i long for that which i do not possess.

the strawberry blizzard is a lot of this:

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