the jam goes on!

place your order for jam now!! shipping nationwide, delivering within 20 min of charlottesville, va

home-based businesses have the advantage, because the employees already live where they work! so don’t worry about the jam supply being interrupted.

**updated flavors & COVID crisis home delivery**

(normal shopping and shipping is still happening as usual via the normal website (, as far as that goes nothing has changed.)

For FREE LOCAL DELIVERY (within 20 min of c-ville): select “delivery” from the fulfillment method options that you’ll see in your shopping cart. If it’s charging you for shipping, try again to set it for FREE delivery!!

We are still working on permanent fulfillment timelines and minimum orders- for now it’s 2 day delivery and 9 jar minimum.

We are NOT offering pickup at this time- if you select pickup we will get in touch about delivery. If you select delivery and you’re more than 20 min away, we’ll get in touch about options.

As always: one pound of local fruit in every jar; low added sugar and no pectin added (ever). All handmade in a certified home kitchen in Charlottesville VA. Flavors are seasonally available and always limited. Mix and match any available flavors in a box!

Available flavors:

Strawberry Rhubarb
Strawberry & Apricot
Red Raspberry & Apricot
Black Raspberry & Apricot
Sweet Cherry & Apricot
Tart Cherry & Apricot
Damson Plum Jam
Blueberry & Lemon

Coming back soon (later this week):

Strawberry & Lavender
Blackberry & Apricot
Plum & Lime
Plum & Ginger
Yellow Peach & Red Raspberry
Peach Blackberry & Lemon

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