A decade of JAM!


It’s the end of another year of JAM According to Daniel, in fact the 10th year (!!) of this fabulous jam adventure. We had another year of strange weather in central Virginia, with flooding and torrential rain at the beginning of June, July, and August. But as you can see from the list of flavors it didn’t get in the way of JAM too much! Look for the flavors and the link to purchase below. Orders received by noon 12/20 will get to you by 12/24 via USPS Priority Mail!

One more week of the CHARLOTTESVILLE HOLIDAY FARMERS MARKET on Water Street!!! 8AM-1PM THIS SATURDAY 12/22!!! Be there or go hungry!!! (or place your order with the links below)

Available flavors:

Blueberry & Lemon
Strawberry & Rhubarb
Strawberry & Lavender
Strawberry & Apricot
Plum & Lime
Plum & Ginger
Damson Plum
Black Raspberry & Rhubarb
Red Raspberry & Rhubarb
Blackberry & Rhubarb
Sweet Cherry & Rhubarb
Yellow Peach & Red Raspberry
Peach Blackberry & Lemon

Jam is $9/jar when you buy 1, $8/jar when you buy 9, and $7.50/jar when you buy 12. Order by noon Thursday to get your jam by 12/25!!!

For all your culinary spices and herbal teas, try my wife’s over at fairweatherfarmers.com! She grows, dries, blends, and bags all of the tea herself, its pretty amazing!

Thanks for another year of JAM!!


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