available flavors for late fall, 2014:

brief flavor list (ORDER NOW!!! using the links below; full jam flavor descriptions below that):

strawberry + rhubarb
red raspberry + rhubarb
black raspberry + rhubarb
blackberry + rhubarb
sweet cherry + rhubarb
sweet cherry jam
yellow peach + lavender
yellow peach + red raspberry
peach blackberry + lemon
damson plum
plum jam (with shiro and santa rosa plums)
plum + blackberry
plum + ginger
plum + lime
blueberry jam
blueberry + lemon
blueberry + holy basil

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descriptive flavor list:

strawberry + rhubarb:  classic. bright and tangy, the strawberry sweetness is offset by the sourness of the rhubarb.

red raspberry + rhubarb: the red raspberry flavor dominates, and the rhubarb hides the raspberry seeds.

black raspberry + rhubarb: black raspberries have a mellower tang than red ones, and they linger on the palate for longer

blackberry + rhubarb: the rhubarb leads with sourness, the blackberry finishes with sweetness.

sweet cherry + rhubarb: cherry has a deeper sweetness than strawberry, with the tangy rhubarb filling in the texture.

sweet cherry jam: sweet, almost cloying, runny, and full of whole cherries. the pits add an almond aroma that helps balance the sweetness (I do take the pits out eventually, after I’ve cooked the cherries a bit). it’s my maternal grandmother’s (Omi’s) favorite.

yellow peach + lavender: peach flavor starts sweet, but the lavender helps cap off the sweetness of the fruit before it becomes cloying.

yellow peach + red raspberry: the familiar red raspberry flavor, with chunks of peaches to spread out the seeds (sweeter than raspberry + rhubarb).

peach blackberry + lemon: peach hits the palate first like a light, sweet rain; like the thundercloud, blackberry rolls in with familiar swagger; lemon zest is the lightning bolt, cutting through the sweetness for a tangy finish.

damson plum jam: the coveted preserving plum, almost resembling a large, olive-shaped blueberry, with a well rounded flavor and a deep tannic tangyness. not to be missed. viewed as classic & old-fashioned in both Europe and Appalachia.

plum jam (with shiro and santa rosa plums; aka “double plum“): brighter and more sour on the front of the palate, compared to the damson plum.

plum + blackberry: that great plummy sourness, balancing the familiar deep sweetness of the blackberries.

plum + ginger: sour (see above) initially, giving way to the emergent heat of ginger. warming for cold mornings.

plum + lime: the sourness of the plum is actually tempered by the addition of lime zest, as the two familiar sour flavors wrestle for dominance on your palate.

blueberry jam: deep blueberry sweetness; dark, tannic, and familiar.

blueberry + lemon: deep and dark, with the zing of lemon zest to bring the blueberry back some of its fresh flavor.

blueberry + holy basil: the familiar blueberry sweetness is offset by the holy basil (aka tulsi), which gives the jam a finish of citrus & clove.

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