memorial day jam

i’m pleased to announce that strawberries are still bountiful, although they won’t last too much longer in this heat, unfortunately. cherries and blueberries are coming in over the next few days, so i should have plenty of both at the market next weekend, and i’m looking forward to more rhubarb – i’ve started picking it up at the Mennonite auction in Dayton VA, the SVPA, and it has been fabulous.

here are this weeks (only) flavors: strawberry jam, strawberry + rhubarb, strawberry + raspberry, strawberry + lavender, strawberry + thai basil, strawberry + lime, strawberry + chocolate mint, and rhubarb + lime.

for other flavors, check out the Greenwood Gourmet Grocery, who has kept a lot of out of season flavors from last year. there is still a bit more at Revolutionary Soup, on the downtown mall, too. i make 150 flavors of jam (or thereabouts), but only sell what i am actively producing, which is about 8-12 flavors at any one time, using whatever fruit is ripe and available in Charlottesville or the surrounding 50 miles.

i’ll be at the farmers market tomorrow morning; i hope to see you there!

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