strawberries in the sunshine

strawberries in the sun (eaten warm straight off the plant) are much sweeter than berries from a refrigerated truck. there seems to be an inverse relationship between time spent in refrigeration and the flavor of fruit. thats why i pick my own fruit, in part, to avoid the bizarre woodyness that arises from too much exposure to cold dry air. before i had a close relationship with fresh produce, and spent enough time observing different fruits, i didn’t understand that with enough exposure, conventional refrigeration significantly alters the objects which it purports to preserve. i’m not a total luddite; i use refrigeration within my own jam making process, but i shy away from fruit grown far away. besides keeping commerce local, supporting other local producers lets me produce jam of a higher quality, and additionally reinforces my future supply of the produce i depend on by directly funding the farm itself.

in terms of  fresh produce, in this inexpert jammaker’s opinion, globalization leads to a sharp decline in quality. to me, that is more than enough of a reason to buy local.  and since i can make friends with the growers, visit their farms and orchards, and give them some of the jam i make from their fruit, i can actually close the loop: i can take local produce, add value through my own skills, and both return it to the producer and circulate it through the community. i love my job.

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