vintage virginia is really bringing their A-game this year. the incredible diversity of the fruit they grow is amazing, and means that i can get a few hundred pounds of a different plum every week.

last week i got methley plums, a japanese variety that jams up very similar to damson, this week i got shiro (a yellow, sour japanese plum, similar to the english greengage plum), santa rosa (a sweet dark purple californian variety), and even a few imperial epineuse (a mild french type).damsons arent even here yet and i’m plum crazy already.

flavors: peach raspberry, peach blackberry + lemon, yellow peach, yellow peach + lavender, white peach + hibiscus, methley plum, peach + plum, apricot, apricot + lemon, shiro plum, santa rosa plum, double plum, shiro plum + blackberry, peach + lime…

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