this week at the market: the end of jam!

that’s right, folks, this saturday (11/21) will be my last appearance of 2009. i’ll be back with strawberries in may, to start the season all over again. my jam is for sale at a number of fine local retailers, and will be available until they run out. they are: feast, albemarle baking company, the happy cook, the greenwood gourmet grocery, and pollak vineyards.

Here are the flavors for this weekend:

Peach + Raspberry!

Pear + Ginger
Pear + Lavender
Pear + Hibiscus
Peach Blackberry + Lemon
Peach Blackberry + Lime
Peach Blackberry + Ginger
Peach Blackberry + Rosemary
Double Plum
Double Plum + Lime
Double Plum + Ginger
Rhubarb + Lime
Rhubarb + Ginger

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