weekly update for july 11th

for a change of pace, i will be located near the bottom of the hill at the city market tomorrow, 3rd tent from the end. it’s the most used entrance and pretty flat, so i’m not too worried about it. hopefully old friends will be able to find me and i’ll make some new ones. as to the jam itself, there is much news to relay:

blueberries are gone (unless i go to petersburg to pick them, which is a pain in my keister)

raspberries are gone (but i have some peach + raspberry jam left)

rhubarb is nearly gone (i’ve been promised some by radical roots but it won’t be available until next week)

plums are here (santa rosa plums this week, shiro plums next week, damsons in three weeks or so)

peaches are going strong (clingstones are fading, semi-clingstones have arrived, and clingstones are on the horizon)

blackberries are going to be here soon (by the bushel!)

i am going to be out of town from july 26th until august 2, which means I WILL NOT BE AT THE MARKET ON AUGUST 1 (it’ll be the first market i’ve missed since i started the season in early may). i won’t miss any other markets, i promise, until i run out of jam at the end of the season. see you at the market!

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