the last rhubarb and strawberries; the first cherries, blueberries, and raspberries

come to the market and see me tomorrow! i’ve moved but i wont be far away, so consider it a challenge to find me.

the great deluge of fruit has begun! available flavors this week:

strawberry: [VERY VERY LIMITED] strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb ginger, strawberry lime + caraway, strawberry + thai basil

rhubarb: rhubarb, rhubarb + ginger, rhubarb + mint, rhubarb + lime (maybe rhubarb + thai basil?)

sweet cherry: sweet cherry, sweet cherry + lemon, sweet cherry + mint, sweet cherry + lime, sweet cherry + ginger, sweet cherry + rhubarb

blueberry: blueberry, blueberry + lime, blueberry + lemon, blueberry + rhubarb

red raspberry: red raspberry, red raspberry + rhubarb

it’s another cold winter and many months before i’ll fill my car with strawberries again. by the end of the season, with two other pickers, we could pick about 110 or 120 pounds in under 2 hours, which was as much as my car could hold in addition to three bodies. i miss it already. its hard to find another fruit that is as widely beloved, easy to pick, easy to cook with, inexpensive, and breathtakingly seasonal as the strawberry.

it’s similar to the first child, or the first grandchild: each season the strawberry enters a vacuum and overwhelms us with its glorious sweetness, and in this vacuum it shines ever brighter for lack of competition, and then one day it is gone. through the season, even the glorious cavalcade of peaches can never compare to the memories of those first strawberries.

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